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Choosing a roofer?

We are a South Florida company with a mission. Our mission is very simple and that is for all of our customers to be 100% satisfied. We know bad news spreads around faster than good news and want all our customers to be 100% satisfied.
Your roof is an investment, it is not like buying a brand new Flat screen TV where you go to a big Name-Brand Shopping Store to compare prices and buy it at the cheapest location. The TV was manufactured in the same factory, so the quality is the same no matter what store you buy it from. However, a roof is a service, and who does the roof and how they do it is going to determine how long that roof will last. So my goal is to help my customers make a wise investment.
Also some of the reasons you should choose our company is:
We offer a 100% No-Blame Game Guarantee – Now what that means to you is that if we have to come back we are not going to start playing the game of whose fault it is. We guarantee your roof from Labor and materials and will fix the problem, no matter what it takes.
We have been in business since 2001 – Another great thing is that we have been in business for 11 years now and have stood through these tough times, and will be here for the long run. We invite you to check us out through the Better Business Bureau, Department of Business and Professional Regulation and any municipality showing we are in good standing and complaint free. This is a family-owned company and we treat our customers as part of our family.
We are a Financially Solid Company -  We do not like to have outstanding debts in this tough economy. No matter how big the company is, if you are over your head in debts, it is only a matter of time before they close. And if they close 1 year after doing the roof, there goes 9 years left of your warranty out the window.
Employees are checked and verified - NO DAY LABORERS – Something very important is that all of our employees are under OUR payroll. We will NEVER pick-up workers at a home improvement store, because we are missing somebody. Any employee that works for us has had a criminal background checked, driver’s license checked, job references checked and most importantly they are also Drug Tested. To Make sure that we have trustworthy, responsible employees, and I believe we truly have the best workforce.
All Employees Are Technicians – All my guys specialize in what they do, like they say in Spanish: “Zapatero a sus Zapatos.” I have the technicians that specialize in just installation of metal roofs, as well as the technicians that specialize on tiles, shingles, hot asphalt applications, and so forth.

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